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The Risky 7 Household Items That Make Hormones Go Haywire

Unexplainable Weight Gain. Crushing Mood Swings.Slow, Foggy Thinking. Low Sex Drive.These Conditions Are All Related.

Here’s A Bayor M.D.’s AdviceOn How To Protect Yourself:

Jenny was on the verge of tears.

“Listen, Dr. Steve… it feels like I’m getting a little bit heavier every day… I can’t sleep at night… my mood swings are so up and down my husband is on the verge of divorcing me… and… I'm probably the only 45 year old left who still has ACNE. What is going on?”

I could hear the sobbing in her voice.

“Jenny” I said “don’t worry. I have a strong suspicion about what’s happening to you. The good news is… it’s NOT the menopause. And it’s NOT your thyroid...”

Your Hormones Have Been Hijacked...
So Let Me Tell You What To Do About It.

Hello. My name’s Dr. Steve Sisskind. I’m a Bayor-trained doctor.  

Dr. Steve Sisskind

I'm also the Chief Medical Officer at Vitalifi. We deal with everyone from business owners and athletes, to housewives and retirees. 

I speak to people like Jenny every single day. They call me their ‘last resort’. Why?

Because I’m the one who gets right to the SOURCE of their ailment. 

And people like Jenny have helped me expose a phenomenon that’s ruining lives.

Unfortunately, This Isn’t Something
They Teach In Medical School
... most doctors misdiagnose it. But let’s see if we can do better, here and now.

If you're a woman, check any of the following if they apply to you:

  • You may be suffering with hot flashes and painful menopause symptoms.

  • Uncontrollable weight gain.

  • Unexplainable Mood Swings

  • Unwanted facial hair.

  • Dry skin and wrinkles.

  • Brittle bones.

  • Thinning hair and bald spots.

And if you’re a man:

  • A frequent need to urinate -possibly because of an enlarged prostate.

  • Developing a pot belly.

  • Fits of anger or sadness.

  • Muscles gradually dissolving into flab.

  • Foggy thinking.

  • Sex drive at an all-time low.

  • Lack of ambition.

If you checked 2 or more of those boxes, then you’ll be relieved to know it’s likely NOT:

  • Because you’re getting old...

  • ‘All in your head’...

  • And it’s definitely not something you just have to put up with anymore.

In fact, you may be as surprised as Jenny was when I told her:

“Jenny, all of these conditions are CONNECTED. And I know how to help you.”

So read on, because in today’s health bulletin, I’m going to share…

  • The belly-fattening, hormone-disrupting condition affecting millions of men and women all over the country (and they don’t even know it!)

  • The 7 risky household items that create the breeding grounds in your body for this hormonal dysfunction

  • The one vegetable you must eat more of if you’re suffering from any of these symptoms

  • The easy daily routine that’s helping people maintain their hormones at balanced levels, and escape the shackles of hormone hell

So please, give me 100% of your attention for the next five minutes. 

And in return, I will help you understand exactly what’s going on with your body. 

It’s a condition called…

Estrogen Overload

Yes, despite being rarely discussed by conventional medicine... some experts believe estrogen overload affects nearly HALF the women over the age of 35 in the United States.1

Astonishing, yes… but inescapable.

And it doesn’t just affect women, either. Men deal with this too.

Although a man’s estrogen levels may be lower than a woman’s, our bodies need a little estrogen for modulating libido, erectile function, and spermatogenesis (creation of sperm.)

Now let’s be clear here: estrogen levels can and do naturally increase with age.

(That’s one reason that testosterone replacement therapy is becoming so popular).

And anyone who’s overweight is in double jeopardy, because fat cells are like little estrogen factories.

But what I’ve discovered is that…

There Are At Least Seven “Estrogen Energizers
That Throw Your Hormones Completely
Out Of Whack

  1. 1. Every time you touch a paper receipt from the grocery store…

  2. 2. Or drink from a bottle of water…

  3. 3. Every time you use non-stick pans to cook your family a meal… 

  4. 4. Or sleep on your mattress at night...

  5. 5. When you eat non-organic meat, fruit or vegetables…

  6. 6. When you enjoy a cold, refreshing Coca Cola…

  7. 7. Or even when you spray your home with air freshener…

Every time you do any of these things... you’re adding a little fuel to the fire. 

If you’re as surprised as I was to learn this, then maybe you’ll have the same question that I did:

Why Doesn’t Anyone Talk About This?

Well, they’ve tried.

Back in 2002, UK doctor Paula Baillie-Hamilton wrote the very first article exploring the link between environmental chemicals and obesity.2

She had a theory:

Paula Baillie

Exposure to toxic chemicals in our food, water and environment was preventing her from losing weight after having 4 children.

Her article was a game-changer.  

It uncovered an undeniable link between the rise in chemical manufacturing after World War II, and the ‘hockey-stick’ rise in obesity rates

The discovery was all set to send shock waves through the world of scientific research and yet…

Nothing Happened. Nobody Cared. Why?

For one thing, the article appeared in a little-known publication few people even read… leaving her biggest discovery completely unnoticed: 

She found that LOW doses of the chemicals like pesticides, solvents, plastics and flame retardants caused animals to GAIN WEIGHT. 

Yikes! How could this be?

It was left to Jerry Heindel of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences to complete the puzzle.

Jerry Heindel

He discovered that a certain class of chemicals could disrupt our normal hormonal function…  

And these chemicals are now known as “endocrine disruptors”  

The worst of these chemicals, called xenoestrogens and phytoestrogens, actually mimic the effects of estrogen on our bodies.

When you’re exposed to them, your body can’t tell the difference between these hormonal disruptors and its own estrogen. 

The result?  

The exact response you’d expect if you had buckets of estrogen coursing through your system: 

Weight gain… foggy thinking... mood swings... skin problems... "man boobs"... unwanted facial hair... and premature aging.

Where Can You Find These
Hormone Disruptors? Everywhere...

  • The paraben chemicals in your bath, hair and laundry soaps

  • The pesticides on non-organic fruits and vegetables

  • The chemical BPA, found in in water bottles, and aluminum can liners

  • PFOA - a chemical used in everything from nonstick pans to food packaging

  • Carbon pollution in the air

  • Phthalates in your makeup

  • PBDE – a flame retardant that’s found in everything from your sofa, carpeting and mattress to your car seat

  • High Fructose Corn Syrup

  • Soy products

As you can see, they’re practically inescapable…

And so are their consequences.


For example, the two nearby rats were fed the exact same diet and put on the exact same activity schedule.

The only difference?

The rat on the right was exposed to a hormone disrupter called DES.

(It’s painted on the hulls of big shipping vessels… so of course, it seeps into our lakes and oceans)

The fact is…

We’re Literally Swimming In Chemicals
That Cause Estrogen Overload...

That’s the bad news. 

But here’s the good news: your body already has a way to deal with these toxins. 

It's a football-sized organ in the upper right of your abdomen called... your liver. 

Now, your liver is kind of like an air filter. 

Toxins enter your body through your mouth, your nose, your skin… and your liver naturally filters them out

It processes the good stuff into forms the body can use. And any toxins or waste in your system, it helps flush them out.

A Two-Step Process For
Keeping Your Body Free Of Toxins

PHASE #1: Your liver breaks down harmful toxins, including xenoestrogens and other hormonal disruptors

PHASE #2: Toxins are flushed out, ejected and expelled from the body 

So if you’re suffering from any of the conditions I mentioned, what’s going on with your liver? 

Well, under “normal conditions”, your liver CAN cope. It breaks down and flushes excess estrogen your body doesn’t need to maintain hormonal balance. 

However, for most people, this can’t happen because their liver is compromised. It’s just not working optimally.

Liver Toxins

Like an air filter that’s never cleaned, it becomes clogged up with dust, dirt and grime. 

Dusty Liver

And that means your liver is FAILING to fully detox your body. 

The symptoms you see in the mirror every day, as well as your overall moodiness, are proof your liver is compromised.

Most of the nasty hormone disruptors are piling up in your liver… just like dust on the air filter... or simply left floating around in your bloodstream with nowhere to go. 

And this sends your body and your hormones haywire! Yet, there’s hope…

The Little-Known
Liver ‘Power Wash’
Hidden In... Broccoli?

Fortunately, there’s an all-natural remedy that can support, strengthen and protect your liver… 

…‘pressure washing’ the liver detox pathways to rid your body of estrogen-boosting toxins... 

…and it’s buried deep inside the veggies we all tried to avoid as a child. 

Found in cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and kale is a remarkable phytonutrient called Di-lndole Methane.

DIM for short. 

Now, you should know DIM is NOT a hormone. Instead, it helps restore healthy hormone balance in the liver by adjusting the balance of bad estrogens (like xenoestrogens) to good estrogens.3 

(And this is great for weight loss because bad estrogens signal to your body to hold onto weight, especially in the hips and thighs.) 

Chances are that if you go into an integrative physician with Estrogen Overload symptoms, they’ll start you on DIM. 

(It’s pretty widely known in our community) 

However, I’ve learned that many of these doctors are missing a key point…

DIM Only Supports PHASE ONE Of
Your Liver Detox Process.

And in today’s environment… in a world swarming with all kinds of hormonal disruptors that are literally infecting our bodies and upending our hormonal balance… DIM alone is just not enough. 

Here's why: 

Like I said, your liver has a natural 2-part detox process. 

In phase one, your liver breaks up the toxins into little pieces. It chops them up. 

And DIM is GREAT for getting that job done. Yet it only supports PHASE ONE of your liver detox

So what can happen is… all of this toxic debris ends up floating around in your bloodstream instead of exiting your body. 

It can even end up back in your liver, making it even more clogged up and sluggish! 

And having all these chopped up toxins floating around your organs irritates your pituitary glands that affect your hormones, leading to headaches, fatigue, muscle aches and brain fog.  

The solution?

You Need To FLUSH These Toxins
Clean Out Of Your Body--FOR GOOD!

And for that to happen, you also need to support PHASE TWO of your liver’s natural detox process. 

DIM alone won’t do that. 

So how can we help our body give a ‘one-two punch’ to the health-derailing toxins, flush them out of our system and protect ourselves from the onslaught of hormonal disruptors? 

That’s the question I set out to answer.

Here Are The 7 Toxin-Flushing Compounds That Have Been Getting Great Results For My Customers

Toxin Eliminator #1: Calcium-D-glucarate

Calcium-D-glucarate is one of my favorite, most targeted supplements for detox.

It helps support Phase 2 of the liver detox process by making sure the toxins are ‘packaged up’ and shipped out of the body.4

When ingested, Calcium-D-glucarate metabolizes into glucaric acid which binds to the toxins in your body and flushes them out in your urine.5 And that’s not all…

also helps lower levels of estrogen.

For example, in one study, Calcium-D-glucarate was able to reduce the number of estrogen receptors by 48 percent. And it’s been shown to lower serum estrogen levels by 23 percent.6

Toxin Eliminator #2: Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle is traditionally used to support liver health.  

It helps rebuild liver cells and removes toxins from the body processed through the liver. 

Milk Thistle contains the active ingredient silymarin, which acts as an antioxidant by reducing free radical production.7

Toxin Eliminator #3: L-Methionine

L-Methionine is an essential amino acid necessary for many bodily functions, including immune cell production, proper nerve function and to support the body's methylation pathways.8

Toxin Eliminator #4: N-Acetyl Cysteine

Shown to improve liver function9, N-Acetyl Cysteine is a derivative ofthe amino acid cysteine. It plays an important role in your body’sdetoxification process. 

N-Acetyl Cysteine also has applications for other liver-based conditions thanks to its antioxidant and pro-inflammatory(helps support healthy inflammatory levels) benefits11

Your body needs N-Acetyl Cysteine to make glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that helps protect your cells against oxidative damage caused by free radicals.12

Toxin Eliminator #5: L-Glycine

L-Glycine is the second most widespread amino acid in the human body. It has a role to play in nearly every part of the body.

Toxin Eliminator #6: Alphalipoic acid

Alpha lipoic acid is a fat and water-soluble antioxidant that helps enzymes turn nutrients into energy.13

It also raises the levels of other antioxidants, such as vitamin C and glutathione, helping protect against skin damage and reducing the signs of aging.14

Toxin Eliminator #7: Turmeric

Finally, turmeric is one of my favorite herbs. Used in traditional medicine in India for centuries, turmeric has a rich store of antioxidants which help protect cells from free radicals.15 

Most people don’t know it also has positive effects on the liver. 

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center:

“curcumin stimulates production of bile by the gallbladder. The liver uses bile to eliminate toxins; bile also rejuvenates liver cells that breakdown harmful compounds.”

For this reason, turmeric has been used to address digestion and liver conditions.

PLUS… I Found 2 Other Nutrients That
AMPLIFY The Liver-Strengthening Effects Of DIM
By Targeting Phase #1 Of Your Detox.

DIM Amplifier #1: Choline

Found in egg yolks and first discovered in 1862.  

Did you know a whopping 9 out of 10 Americans are deficient in choline?16 

Choline appears to be a key controlling factor in the development of fatty liver, likely by enhancing secretion of very low-density lipoprotein (VLDL) particles in your liver17. As Chris Masterjohn PhD reports:

“It's the disappearance of liver and egg yolks from the American diet that takes most of the blame [for rising rates of fatty liver disease].”18

DIM Amplifier #2: Biotin

Biotin is a B vitamin which aids in cell growth, fat metabolism and energy generation. 

Often called the ‘hair vitamin’, it’s well known for helping maintain healthy skin,hair and nails.

Now, clearly it makes sense to use a combination of all these ingredients in order to combat estrogen overload and defend against the relentless attack of hormonal disruptors.

And of course, you want to be sure each nutrient is present in the same amounts used in the clinical trials. So the Vitalifi team and I set out to source the complete detoxification solution.

And today, you can get all of these hormone-balancing, toxin-flushing nutrients in the right amounts… in the most potent form of delivery. 



Detoxifi™ acts like a pressure washer on your liver detox pathways, flushing out the harmful environmental toxins causing estrogen overload. 


In more technical terms, this unique combination of amino acids, herbs, and other nutrients aids in:

  • Fat metabolism within the liver...19

  • Promotes glutathione synthesis...20

  • Supports the safe elimination of toxins...21

  • And supplies a broad range of antioxidants to help reduce free radical damage...

Most importantly, it supports Phase #1 AND Phase #2 of your liver’s natural detoxification process.

Now, I’m a stickler for quality, cleanliness and purity.  

That’s why Detoxifi™ is manufactured in a CGMP-certified facility, and tested by a third party for allergens. 

Every single capsule of Detoxifi™ is made safely to the highest of standards. 

Free from allergens such as bee pollen, peanuts, gluten, soy and dairy. As well as pesticides and herbicides. And sourced from non-GMO ingredients.

I’m proud to be able to offer you this unique supplement that I believe can help millions of people suffering with estrogen overload.

Warning: Detoxifi
Is Not Some Magic
Weight Loss Pill!

It doesn’t speed up your metabolism, it doesn’t give you the jitters. It’s not an appetite suppressant.

None of that.

But--amazingly, it can help us lose weight. 

And you may start to feel, what I call, “normal” again, as your body naturally rebalances its hormones.

  • Bloating… irregular periods… mood swings - RELIEVED!

  • Your memory becomes sharper. No more ‘senior moments’.

  • It helps you enjoy a deep, rejuvenating sleep at night…

  • It reboots your body so it’s able to burn fat rather than store it away…

  • And it keeps your skin looking fresh, young and clear...

But the key thing is the DIM + 7 nutrients included in Detoxifi™ are formulated to rebalance your hormones and defend against hormone disruptors.

And that means...

  • You’ll start to feel better.

  • You’ll start to look better.

  • You’ll start to think clearer.

Because You’ve Read This Far, I Want To Make It Easy For You To Try Detoxifi...

Health isn’t a one-time decision.  

It’s a decision you make every day. Taking Detoxifi™ is a daily decision, too.  

It’s like brushing your teeth.

Sure you’re going to get all the benefits initially, like clearer thinking, a lift in mood, and more energy. 

You want to keep it that way, agreed? Even in a world where hormone-disrupting toxins are everywhere and in everything. 

That’s why you need to be taking Detoxifi™ over time. 

It’s true the high-powered ingredients inside of Detoxifi™ immediately begin the process of liver-strengthening the moment you pop one in your mouth… 

Yet, while the support benefits may begin on the “inside” from Day #1… 

The longer you use Detoxifi™, the more your body naturally detoxes itself of health-wrecking excess estrogen… 

… at the same time reversing so many of your health challenges. 

That’s why I encourage you start with a 3-month supply. 

Assuming your budget permits, six bottles is recommended, especially if you want the best chance to rid yourself of estrogen overload. 

Remember, you can only purchase Detoxifi™ right here, right now from this website. 

Normally, Detoxifi™ retails for a very reasonable $89.95 per bottle. 

However, when you order right now through this website ONLY…

You Can Get Detoxifi™ At Better
Than HALF That Price

Can you imagine:

  • You’re not supermodel thin, but you’ve lost the weight you want and look like you did 10 years ago...

  • Your overall mood has improved, the mental fog has lifted and the feeling is amazing!…

  • You sleep like a baby--gone are the occasional sleeplessness, night sweats, and hot flashes...

  • In the bedroom, your libido has improved immensely. You feel ‘frisky’, almost like a 17-year old kid again...

  • The acne is gone, revealing a clear, unblemished, beautiful face...

  • Your memory doesn’t fail you like it used to before...

  • You lose a little bit of ‘moob fat’ every day.

Here at Vitalifi, we want to help as many people as possible. 

That’s why we’ve managed to slash the regular retail price for our Detoxifi launch. 

Together with Vitalifi, I’m committed to empowering my fellow Americans to take back control of their hormones. 

Haywire hormones and bad estrogen running rampant through your system are no fault of your own… 

Causing all kinds of miserable health challenges like stubborn, ugly fat… hot flashes… sleepless nights… mood swings… dry skin and premature wrinkles… low sex drive… and on and on.  

The proven fact is...

The More Detoxifi™ You Take,
The Better The Results.

That’s why Vitalifi have put together a hugely discounted offer. 

If you want to be sure you never run out of your daily Detoxifi™, choose the 6-bottle option for just $36.62 per bottle! 


That’s a MASSIVE $320 savings when you order right now.  

So go ahead and place your order below now…

The Detoxifi™ ‘Estrogen-Flushing’
Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not THRILLED with the difference in your health, mind and body as your body detoxes, rebalances and renews itself… we’ll give you every cent of your money back. No questions asked!

You've seen the research. We’re right smack dab in the middle of amazing scientific discoveries. 

None more so than understanding the true cause of hot flushes, PMS, middle-age belly fat and man boobs. 

It’s all down to the hormonal disruptors all around us… 

…and pressure-washing our internal air filter so our bodies can cope with them. 

So I want to give you 7 things to look forward to when you bring hormonal balance to your body.   

In the rare instance you don’t experience these 7 health “upgrades”… 7 benefits Detoxifi™ customers have eagerly reported back to me, then we’ll be happy to give you all of your money back.

Here Are 7 Benefits That My Customers
Have Experienced With Detoxifi:

  1. 1. Losing a little bit of fat each day. Almost as if their body is re-adjusting to its natural, lean state…

  2. 2. Easing menopause and PMS symptoms…

  3. 3. Increased sexual desire. Ignited libido and desire!

  4. 4. A healthy immune system. Over time, they notice they don’t get ‘off days’ as they used to…

  5. 5. Soaring energy levels. Feel like you’re in your 20 and 30’s again…

  6. 6. Deep, rejuvenating sleep. Sleeping better than you have in years. Waking up refreshed and relaxed each morning makes a big difference to your day…

  7. 7. Youthful complexion. Skin is clearer, fresher, younger looking...


And If YOU Don’t Experience Any Or ALL Of Those?  
We’ll Give You Your Money Back. Period.

We only want raving customers. And we know you will be EUPHORIC when you look in the mirror and experience what Detoxifi™ does for you. 

Yes, I’m sure there are some people who will use Detoxifi™, and ask for their money back regardless. 

Yet, from past experience, most people are honest and just want to live their days FREE from the hormonal hell that is NOT their fault. 

You see, I feel pretty darn certain about your results. Detoxifi™ is a true health upgrade.

Plus, because unbeknownst to most people, there are so many toxins flooding their system...

The more ‘backed up’ you are, the more sluggish your liver, the more you’re bound to rapidly see some pretty dramatic improvements.  

Probably within the first week or so.

Just take ONE capsule a day.

If you don’t see results, you have our personal Lifetime money back guarantee to fall back on.

I truly doubt that will happen, but you never know.  

Everybody’s body is unique and I’m more than willing to take that into consideration.

Consider this a risk-free trial.  

You either see results in your life and body or you don’t pay.

More than Just Rapid Weight Loss...

As you can appreciate by now, Detoxifi™ is more than just weight loss, it’s more than just looking good in the mirror.

If you’re suffering from PMS... if you’repacking on the pounds... if you’re worried about the ravages of aging... if you’re lacking energy... if your thinking is foggy or you just can’t sleep at night...  

It’s time to start reclaiming your health, it’s time to start reclaiming your life.

Go ahead and select the best option for you.

That said, I encourage you to take advantage of the 3 or 6 bottles options. Because the last thing you want is to miss a day and run out.  

And it’s an incredible deal, given the value.


If You’ve Tried Everything…

If you’re like most people who struggle with being overweight, dealing with hot flashes or feeling fatigued all the time... I know how resigned you can become.

Please, don’t quit.  

Don’t give up.  

Don’t give in. You’ve been down that road.  

You already know where it leads.

Your health matters. YOU matter.

Give Detoxifi™ a try.  

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything... your health, your energy, your life... to gain.

There’s absolutely no risk.

Go ahead and take advantage of our multi-package package discount.

And if you can, once you’ve experienced the results for yourself, I’d love to hear from you. I really would.

I do appreciate being a part of your life and helping you achieve the health goals you want. 

To your health,

Dr. Steve Sisskind
Vitalifi LLC


P.S. Here’s the deal:

Select your package, click the button above and we’ll start you on one Detoxifi™ capsule a day.

Before you know it, you’ll stop feeling so ‘washed out’. Your skin will look better. You’ll sleep better.

You’ll be able to think clearly again. YOU’LL be the one in control.

And that’s just the start.

Weight loss. Clearer skin. Immune system support. Increased energy.  You can start looking forward to all of these and more.

Just keep taking the one capsule a day and you can feel the toxins leaving your system, revitalizing your health.

It all starts with one capsule a day...


P.P.S. One last thing. It’s important.

If you’re a man, it’s not uncommon for your estrogen levels to be higher than females of the same age. 

This means male breasts, muscles wasting away and prostate problems. 

Estrogen imbalance can trigger health-wrecking prostate problems. It can increase the SIZE of your prostate… how frequently you need to urinate… and even cause impotence. 

That’s why supplementing with Detoxifi™ is the smart thing to do. 

Supporting your liver in both phases helps rid your body of excess estrogen… regaining serene balance to your body, your health, and your entire life.  

Try Detoxifi™ RISK FREE during this special introductory offer.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Dr. Sisskind... Can Detoxifi™ Really Help Me Lose Weight? 

A. Yes. Absolutely. Here’s why: 

If you can ‘pinch an inch’ around your middle, it’s highly likely you’re suffering from weight gain due to estrogen overload. 

That’s right. Now you know why dieting and exercising hasn’t worked for you.

A simpler way is to address your body’s hormonal balance. Supporting and strengthening your liver helps rid your body off estrogen excess.

What’s great is with Detoxifi™, you’ll FEEL and SEE the difference in the mirror in only DAYS.

Q. And You’re Saying I Have Estrogen Overload? 

If you can check a box on any of these ailments, it’s highly likely your body is struggling with estrogen overload.

  • You’ve got pockets of fat that you just can’t shift. Stubbornly sticking to your arms, your thighs and your belly.

  • You can’t sleep at night. You often wake up and stare at the ceiling unable to fall back asleep.

  • Your skin is rough to the touch and wrinkles appear prematurely.

  • Periods are irregular

  • You lack energy, especially sexual energy.

If any of those sound like you, it’s time to try Detoxifi™ to regain and reclaim the hormonal balance in your body.


Q. Can I Take These Capsules Even With My Dietary Restrictions? 

A. Detoxifi™ is kosher, gluten-free and suitable for vegans.

It was created with our vegan and gluten free friends in mind. This is food, not medicine.

Detoxifi™ only uses the highest quality ingredients, without any additives.  

Q. How Will I Know If Detoxifi™ Is Working? 

A.You need to give Detoxifi™ a little time to work its magic.  

We recommend you run through the full 30 day course of one bottle. One capsule a day for 30 days and you’ll find you start to feel better, with more energy and you may even begin to look slimmer and leaner in the mirror.

Q. When Should I Take Detoxifi™? 

Many of my customers like to take their capsule with breakfast in the morning. It’s a great way to start the day knowing you’re taking care of your body’s natural detoxing process. It really puts a spring in your step.

You don’t HAVE to take them with a meal however. Just be sure to take one a day, when it’s convenient for you, to get the full effect of Detoxifi™.  

Q. Somebody Told Me Flushing Out Estrogen Can Increase Libido, Is This True? 

Yes! You see, when your hormones are in balance and functioning optimally, it’s amazing how it kickstarts other organs in your body.

Many users report feeling more sexual energy… guys feel more ‘oomph!’ because of the increase in testosterone levels and women feel sexier and more ‘eager’ in bed.

That’s why many of my clients and customers tell me Detoxifi™ makes them feel a decade or two younger.  

Q. Great! Can I buy Detoxifi™ on Amazon?

We’ve just launched Detoxifi, so this website is currently the only place to buy it. I expect it will be on Amazon in about 3 months.

So make your choice from the options below, there’s no risk with the lifetime money back guarantee.  

Click on your choice, save money and welcome a newer, leaner, healthier, more energetic you.

Remember, a healthy life is all about hormonal balance.